A year of balance and focus January 1, 2014

As each year passes, time feels shorter and shorter, and 2013 was definitely a whirlwind experience. It was the year of going big. I was promoted to a senior designer, I started a new job at Quirky, I flew to NYC three times (as well as LA, Portland, and Washington DC), I ran three half marathons, and I had the opportunity to eat at two Michelin-starred restaurants. It was excessive, and I loved every minute of it.

This year’s theme is focus and balance. It’s about finding the right mixture of events that keep me humbled, but always on top of my game. It’ll be great.

Achieving balance

Gaining balance will help me enjoy a much more fulfilled life. For me, balance is knowing when to stop — stop working for the day, stop being lazy, and stop thinking about the little things that don’t matter.

Finding focus

Focus is about being in the moment. Whether it’s at work or with loved ones, it’s about putting other people’s social lives to the side and giving my all to what’s in front of me at that very moment. Unless I’m in the bathroom. Having nothing to do while using the bathroom sucks.

I’m ready for what 2014 has in store — the adventures, the lessons, the opportunities — especially since I’ll be spending most of my time in San Francisco. Until next time, stay adventurous.

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